To my dead brother (SiblingSurvivors Letters)

Subject: To my dead brother

Why did you have to commit suicide? What about your son? And your family? Everyone was crying and a bunch of people came over and are coming over. Who am I suppose to play pubg with? Brittney is too lame. The dogs especially Marley misses you. We all miss you. Why did you do that? Have to have dad kick down the door and for them to see you like that? I didn’t want to see you so I stayed in my room but I came out and saw your dead body. Everyone is worried on Facebook and we have to find money for your funeral. Committing suicide is a selfish act and you hurt everyone especially mom and dad to loose their own child. Please come back if you can. I can’t stop crying on and off… I don’t know what to say. – Tori / Sugar

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