To my brother

To my brother,

We haven’t talked or seen each other in four and a half years. I miss the relationship we had, our similar yet completely opposite personalities, our witty and sarcastic retorts to one another, even our not so subtle disagreements, or better word for it, “fights”. You left at the worst time. You were almost finished high school and I was just starting, you were supposed to continue to be the annoyingly overprotective brother, we would avoid each other when we would pass each other at school, give me advice on subjects, teachers, life… Then you were supposed to meet my boyfriend or girlfriend, be intimidating and that stereotypical big brother act, be at my high school graduation, my university graduation, my 21st and me be at your high school graduation, your university graduation, and your 21st, and be at my wedding and me at yours and so many many many other things. There were so much that could have been, that should’ve been and now all of that is just an unrealistic dream… I love you and miss you constantly. You are, as I will never say ‘you were’, my brother.

Your sister.

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