To my big brother ❤

My dearest older brother. How I love you, how I miss you. It has only been 4 hours since I found out you took your own life. Why didn’t you talk to me? Why didn’t you let us help you? The pain is so unreal I don’t know if I can take it. Our grandmother crumbled to the ground and still cant stop from sobbing uncontrollably. Why would you do this to her? To me? To our siblings, parents, grandparents and friends? We all love you more than words can describe. The pain is worse than anything I have ever experienced. I miss you so much my big brother, I wish I could see you, hug you, hear your voice. You are deeply missed and we will always love and remember you. ❤ please know you will never ever be forgotten. I hope the after life treats you better then the world did. I love you soooo much and I still can’t believe you are gone. my heart is truly broken. Love your baby sister, Amanda.

One thought on “To my big brother ❤

  1. So so sorry for your loss Amanda. I lost my brother to suicide this last November. It completely broke my heart so I understand how crushed and devistated you are. They were beautiful souls that can never ever be replaced. Nothing to fill their place. ? please talk to people you trust. Write, journal, read. You will need help through this greif. It feels uncontrollable at times. I understand we will grieve all this life until we see them again. Big hugs to you. Praying for you and your family to have moments of peace. ?

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