To my beloved sister, Samantha

It has exactly been 2 years since you’ve left this earth but why does it feel like everything happened yesterday? I’ve replayed the moment of finding your helpless body in my head, over and over. I’ve spent a lot of time over these two years, coming to the actualization that your physical body is gone but knowing that your soul is around and watching over me. You were my older beautiful sister that I’ve always admired and looked to as a role model. No one would have thought you were going through the unimaginable. I’ve always stood by your side but a part of me feels guilt. Thinking I could’ve convinced you not to take your own life and fight your battle with me, mom and dad as your supporters. Something I’ve realized is even with constant help and love, it’ll never change an individual feelings deep down. Mental illness is a real thing and a challenge to overcome. Some win the battle, other lose.

Some days are better than others with distracting myself with school and work but others I fall to my knees and cry uncontrollably. Why take such a beautiful soul? We weren’t done appreciating, loving and caring for you.

I talk too you all the time, Samantha. Having the slightest hope that you’re listening and realize how much me, mom and dad miss you. Life will never be the same.

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