My Brother

My brother committed suicide one month ago today. We don’t learn of this until his body was found in his apartment one week after he shot himself. Some friends became worried when they did not hear from him and called the police. He had struggled with depression for many years and often withdrew from us.

Because he was adopted into our family at the age of six, he had significant attachment issues which people did not understand fifty years ago. He was my big brother and I loved him with all my heart. I miss him terribly. Our whole family is devastated. My father died of an aortic aneurism over 30 years ago, and my brother never fully recovered from that loss. He married but the marriage didn’t last. He had no children.

He served in the military for six years, then returned to our hometown and established a landscaping business. He had to give that up when his health became compromised due to excessive use of alcohol and cigarettes. He was brave and he tried so hard to overcome his addictions and his pain, but I guess the voices in his head telling him his life was worthless became louder than those telling him how very loved he was.

So many people have shared with us the wonderful things that he did to help them. He has left behind many, many broken hearts, but also beautiful memories that will never die. R.I.P., Bobby. Your baby sister, three big sisters, mom, nephews, nieces, brothers-in-law, and scores of friends love and miss you like crazy.

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