The World Has Moved On

It’s going to be 3 years on July 8th and I still haven’t gone to his grave. It took about a year after he died to get the gravestone put up because of financial issues. My mom had stage 3 cancer and we had her bills and then a surprise death. Apart of me wants to go visit him and lay on his grave and talk to him about what has happened in my life since 2014, but then the other side of me doesn’t want me to see his name in big bold letters. My brother was not just a grave stone. He was the most caring and loving person. Does anyone have advice?
I need it.
I’m 17.

One thought on “The World Has Moved On

  1. It is rough … hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with. Lost my brother 7 months ago. It took 6 months to get grave stone on his birthday April 7th. I too am having a hard time going back to his grave stone. ? I’ll go soon. I can relate to wanting to go and just talk to him. I think it would be good. This is not something that you just get over. It is disappointing how the world goes on while part of ours stops. Unless you’ve been through it you just don’t get it. Pace yourself. Guilt free. My heart goes out to you! Hug!!

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