Missing you

Mike, I wish you were here right now. Your birthday just passed and the anniversary of your death is approaching quickly. Just before Dad’s first father’s day without you, he received a text from a man claiming to be his son. We found a picture of him on Facebook from when he was probably close to my age and I broke down in tears. He’s our brother. I have been texting with him and we had a phone call. I want to talk to you about this so much. I think it would have brought us closer. He said he feels a sense of loss for the brother he never met and wants to know about you. I feel like I finally have someone who I can tell you about without them getting weird. You both share the same middle name! Mom is having a really hard time and missing you now more than ever. Dad is happy but stressed. We’re all missing and needing you Bubba. I think you guys would get along, you have a lot in common. Oh and guess what! You’re an uncle and I’m an aunt! He has three kids! Alright, this letter is all over the place. I just wanted to say I love you and wish you were here to share this with so so badly. Love, Airhead

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