Sibling Inspiration Submission Sent – I lost one of my beautiful brothers yesterday

Subject: I lost one of my beautiful brothers yesterday

I received a text & phone call from my other siblings, that my second oldest brother took his own life to hanging. We are in a state of shock. He was a great man that struggeled with alot of things in life like most of us do. It was such terrible news that anyone could ever receive in there whole life. What shocked us was that we did not think he could do something like that. It is like a bad dream. We just ask Why o Why did you do it. My beautiful brother was stuck in a bad rut. He was only 55 years old. He had a wife 25 years married & two adult son’s. He was about to move & start a new adventure with this move with his wife. I will never get over this great loss of my darling brother that would never hurt anyone. He was full of love & giving. The sad thing is I will never get a phone call from him ever again & I will never hear him laugh. He was always there to talk to through good & bad times. It is so so heart breaking it tears your heart out. You rest in peace Mark love & miss you forever but always in our hearts.

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  1. My brother killed himself yesterday, too. He shot himself in the head. He was only 31. I’m 32.He lived just down the street from me, only 4 houses down. My older son walks right past his house to get to the bus stop. I’m still kind of in shock. Everyone in the neighborhood is upset. He was always helping everyone else and looking out for everyone. He was very selfless. He was my best friend and we used to hang out together all of the time and we talked to each other literally every day. Our cousin lived with him and was the one to find his body. He’s been too freaked out by it and had been staying at the neighbor across the street from my brother’s house. I worry about my Dad. I have kids and a man in my life. Our Mom died February 11, 2008 in a car accident. So, all he has left now are me and my kids. He’s been freaking out and crying now than me. I’m actually kinda mad at my brother, not just sad. He’s on my phone plan. I keep texting him, even though he’s obviously not answering. Out of habit, I almost called him to see if he was going to go with me to the funeral because we did everything together. This sucks.

    1. I’m sorry for your loss. My brother killed him self this past June. Our mother also died in 2008. Granted I am younger, only 21 but I feel your pain. It gets better.

    2. My 46 year old brother committed suicide with a gun 2 days ago. I’m lost and confused. I don’t understand why he wouldn’t leave us a note to say goodbye. Has anyone on here ever had a note left for them?

  2. My brother also took his own life we found him on the 11th, he was 59 years old he had a history of depression, he was a lovely selfless man he was about to go to one to one counciling, we lost our mam to secondary cancer last may he was very close to her, my younger brother is not coping well now i worry about him, I honestly don’t know how I am going to get over this rest in peace sweet brother x he left a note to me saying sorry and notes to his sons.

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