Older brother took his life

Subject: Older brother took his life

My older brother, Peter, just took his own life 2 days ago and it has been very tough for me and my family to process. He was the second out of four boys, (we are all in our 30’s) and his death has me asking so many questions.
Our family is close but a has a harder time discussing emotions and how we really feel. Peter dealt with issues with alcohol and depression and went through waves of good times and bad times. I was the brother living closest to him for the last 4 years, and I can’t help but feel like I could have done more, or tried to reach out more frequently than I did over the years.
He had been in rehab and seemed to be doing better, but recently I haven’t been seeing him as much and wasn’t communicating with him as much. He consistently ignored calls and texts from me and my family, and never wanted to really do much with his life. I wish I had done more to reach out, and feel guilty and selfish about how everything has ended.

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  1. I lost my younger brother just before Christmas. I knew when I did get a response from a text or call that something was terribly the matter. I also feel I should have done more or really picked up on what he was saying. He was my only sibling and I don’t know how I will ever get over this loss. Maybe it helps to know there are others going through the same thing and questioning why some are able to make it through life and why some give up. He had a support group but
    also struggled with and depression and other issues.
    it’s very hard for me to even talk to other people right now other than a few friends and my husband, who always was there for him in the most non judgemental way.

  2. So sorry. 🖤 Lost my brother this way too. Please keep expressing your feelings and be kind to yourself. Its been just over 2 years since my great loss. Pain is still here – always will be – but it gets a little easier to manage in time. … To put aside this pain till I can let it out when “convenient”… You’re at a very vulnerable stage- a very early stage that is nothing but shock, devastating and tragic. It HURTS so fn much!! You will get through this. Much love to you! You’re in my prayers. ❤

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