Night Owl (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

Subject: Night Owl

Tomorrow will be 7 months since you passed. Tomorrow will be a year since you attempted to kill yourself before you moved in with us for a second start. The day after tomorrow will be a year when you moved.
I remember the night last summer when you told me that you were going to kill yourself 12 years by jumping off a building. I couldn’t think for a moment, i just had flashes of memories of you from those 12 years, experiences, memories and laughs that i wouldn’t of had if you had actually killed yourself. Now that you’re gone, that is my reality. Memories, experiences and laughs that are experienced without you.
I so badly want to pick up my phone and text you but i know that you wont be on the receiving end of that. i just want to ask you if you’re okay.
I’m still mad at you. i know that you were in pain for a long time but i wish you woulda let me take on some of the burden that you had. All you had to do was talk to me and now I’m haunted by the sound of you leaving in your truck.
“Hearts yo”

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