My Little Brother

You were only 19. You had your entire life ahead of you. I know things were hard for you. Seeing so many doctors, none of which could help you obviously wasn’t easy. I can’t imagine what you must have been going through, but I wish you told us more. You seemed to be getting better – but was that just because you had already decided? I wish I could’ve helped you more. I wish I could have taken away your anxiety, your depression, your self doubt. You were the smartest kid I know, with so much potential. I wish you saw that in yourself.
I think you were special. I think you were truly good, too good for this world. You never seemed to like or understand this life. You always told me – you go to school, you work, and you die. I wish you saw more to life than just that because there is love, family, passion, beauty and so many things worth living for. So many people love you and will never, ever forget you. I think about you every single day. The smallest things remind me of you. But I try to be happy and believe that you are now too. That you are watching over us and you are always with me, no matter what.
I love you little bro.

3 thoughts on “My Little Brother

  1. My brother was 19 too – just took his life less than a month ago. Your words honestly relate sooo much to what I’ve wanted to say. Would be nice if we could have some conversations and see if we can help each other at all.

      1. wow i never thought I’d come across so many similar situations. my little brother was also 19 years old in 22. this happened a little over a month ago of like to chat with you all if you ever have a chance. thanks

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