My brother William

I was on my way home from work when my sister called me saying they found my brother in his room. He had hung himself. My little sister found him, she’s 12. My sister was yelling through the phone and I just kept yelling back WHAT HOSPITAL ARE THEY TAKING HIM TO I’LL MEET YOU GUYS THERE. I’m on my way. I was positive he was just unconscious. And all she said was Dayane they’re not taking him to a hospital, they’re not doing anything. I drove home so fast I almost crashed twice. The whole way I kept saying “Not my brother God, please not my brother”. When I got to the house there were 2 cop cars outside and when I got out of my car Susan was on the floor screaming “My brother God WHY WHY WHY MY BROTHER”. I fell to my knees. I’ve only seen that happen in movies but my legs gave up and I fell to my knees. My mom was screaming and screaming and in that second my world fell apart. Everything after that is blur, the whole street was there watching when they took my brother out in a body bag. My brother. I remember I could see the outline of his body when they were putting him in the coroner’s van. And just like, that he was gone. I would never see him alive again. I would never see him breathing, walking, smiling. The purest soul was taken from earth that day, maybe too pure for this piece of s*** world.

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  1. I can’t imagine my little sister, who is 12 also, finding my brother the day he died. luckily, it was my father, but we recently went through the exact same thing. i was home, and was super relieved to see the paramedics looking pretty relaxed. but, i guess i know now they were chill because there was literally nothing they could do. when the police officer told us, i started to scream, and i couldn’t stop screaming. it may be comforting to know that you are not the only person who is going through this.

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