My Big Goofball Brother 2.0

Years have now flown by. Your dog has now passed, but don’t you fret he lived the best spoiled life ever. It was incredibly hard losing him after you. He felt like the last living part of you. I now own a cat. Yes a cat. I don’t even believe it myself. I think you would get along with him though. Both of you like to cause me trouble.
I’ve dropped out of college and restarted college over the years. You and I have always had issues with school. The lack of motivation, yet we understand the importance of education. That personal drive isn’t there. You were the only one I could discuss that with peacefully.
I miss your wit. I’ve been catching myself the last few days getting a little cocky and egotistical…. need you  to knock me down a few pegs. Plus we now have a nephew who needs to learn the ancient ways of being a smartass. Our brother wrote you a lovely note about how he thinks you could’ve been the best funcle. You really would’ve. You should see him being a dad. It’s pretty awesome. Our sister is out here taking over the world with her strong educated opinions and non-fuckery. Meanwhile, I’m just hanging out as usual. Think I’m going to go buy a bright orange hat soon.
I love you and miss those great big hugs.
-Your little sis

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