I lost my 37 year old brother one month ago today. It feels like a nightmare and I would give anything to make it go away. If I can barely get through a day without a wide range of emotions, how on Earth will I make it a year and beyond? This didn’t need to happen, shouldn’t have happened; please Lord help undo this painful mess. The love of your kids…why couldn’t you at least still feel or see that? It could have pulled you through. I would have done anything if you just would have called me. Are you ok? Are you at peace? Are you by me? I don’t feel you by me. Please stay close.


4 thoughts on “Lost

  1. I hear you. My brother took his own life on the 29th of February, this year. The words you write, asking if they are near, that you can’t feel them. Me neither.

    My girlfriend dreamt that she him. She’d never met him in real life as we live abroad.

    All do is look for proof of life after death. To know he’s ok. But I know deep down, I’ll never know. That’s the hard part.

    I wish I had words of comfort, but I’m just a guy trying to figure his out. So all I will say is, thank for sharing. You are feel less alone.


  2. I too lost my 37-year-old brother to suicide two weeks ago. I also go through different emotional states throughout the day. Why? What else could have I done? Why didn’t you think of your 3-year -old nephew you used to pick up at school? Why didn’t I take you to that favorite Chinese restaurant more often? I wish he could hear me now.

  3. Your not alone lost my brother on Feb 5 th 2016 all I can say is there is life after death I just wish that our brothers fought a harder fight I belive your brother is in heaven for one reason only Those who suffer on earth will not suffer in my house.

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