Little brother

I miss you so much bud. I still cannot figure out why someone so young would think that this was the answer. It’s only been two and a half months, but it feels like years. I swear i hear you laughing in your room at times, and everytime i do i have to check just in case you came back. I forget what happened every day, then i relive it. I love you so much buddy. The world is so much duller without you. I wish i would have known how you were feeling. I suppose it’s too late now. You changed the lives of so many people. I forgive you, and i will always love you.

2 thoughts on “Little brother

  1. I feel you man. I lost my younger brother on 28/10/2016, just a day after your post. The hardest part is waking up in the morning and re-living the feeling that he is no longer living under the same roof.

    1. Im so sorry. Getting through normal days is rough already, and now your family as well as mine and all others that have to go through this horrible loss have to get through the holidays.Everyone likes to say it gets easier but it doesnt. You just have to learn how to live with it a little better each day. I am truly sorry for your loss, im sure our brothers are watching over both of us.

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