Little big bruv

I feel stupid putting this up here cuz we all have a very similar story, so thank you for allowing me this space! My little brother was only 17 he took his life 25th Jan this year! He had been struggling with mental health issues for about six month and was being a little s*** stealing off me, getting chucked out of college, loads of really out of character stuff. He even told me in August he had a voice in his head telling him to do things he didn’t agree with and we both spoke about it and thought it was just his ego, but he was clearly really ill. I just fought with him and sat in the room next to him every day for 6 month obsessing over my own problems when my baby brother’s losing it in the next room. I hate my self for not giving him more attention and asking him what he needed to feel ok! I know it’s not my fault but my brain just keeps going there.

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