Liberosis- the desire to care less, to be liberated from your cares, to let something go
That’s been me for a month now. I keep staring at computer screens watching as people realize that my brother is gone, watching as they share their grief but more importantly their stories. Stories I never heard, smiles I never saw, and laughs I missed and will always miss. I need to soak up every new think about him because that’s it, we’ve had all we will from him. I have a headache and my eyes are sore from staring so hard.
I’m back at work now but I cried at my desk today.
I just want to let some of this go. It’s too much.

One thought on “Liberosis

  1. It’s been a month since my brother left us in severe grief… I too have been in “Liberosis”. I am about to start attending local grief groups – not sure how much that will help. I feel such a huge void in my heart. I do not think there is any hope. My mom has checked out. She just cannot stop hurting. My dad is going to go with me because he needs it. He’s the one who broke down the door after hearing the gun shot and found my brother laying in bed. WHY WHY WHY did this happen to such a loving and caring family?? We were so close and had each others backs!!! God please give us peace and help us heal please.

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