This is my first time going on this site. I am 18 now, but when I was 15, my 13 year old brother hung himself in our room, on our bunk bed. There was no note, and seemingly no reason as to why he did it, or what he was thinking at the time. I was the one who found him. His name was Leo and he was my only sibling.
Over the years I have felt so numb and different. Sometimes I feel like I have no emotions and I feel nothing. Having his suicide been 3 years ago, enough time has passed to where I have adjusted to my own unique reality. I notice a huge change in my relationships with people. It was not instantanious, but it took time for me to realize. I have trouble dealing with anything commitment. I feel as if I can easily find the flaws and bad in other people; and that forces me to push them out of my life. This makes me feel like I’m not normal and I’m just a really evil person.
Going from having someone I can talk to all the time about anything, to nothing at all; i feel betrayed. I’ve isolated myself from a lot of things. I spend most of my days just playing xbox. I dont share how i feel with my parents because i really don’t know how to express in words the amount of pain and feelings of abandonment that i experience sometimes.
Being only 13, it hurts that much worse. He wasn’t an adult. He was a child. And he committed suicide. The suicide aspect of his death adds a personal touch to his departure. Almost like it was directed at me and my parents. Growing up, we had a really great life. He was not bullied in school. We didnt have family issues; in fact, we had a really strong family bond. So when I start thinking about reasons why he would do it. I start thinking because of me. I was his older brother, and I couldnt be there for him and now I will never be able to.
Adjusting to that reality, i dont think, is possible. And if it is, it takes longer then 3 years. Me being 18, I have to struggle finding my own personal identity. Figuring out who I am in life. That is not easy. On top of that, dealing with grief and everything that comes along with it, just sucks. No other words to describe where I am at right now, except just stuck.
His 17th birthday is in 2 days from writing this post. Usually, the 2 weeks leading up to his birthday are usually pretty rough, and then his birthday just comes and its, okay. I just figured I’d share my story on here, because I’ve never done something like this before.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing with us. It means so much and helps so many. December will be 21 years since my brother took his own life and yes it has gotten easier but of course it’s still tough. Please know you are not alone. I know all of our situations are different but also very similar at the same time. We have each other. I use to think the same as you that something is wrong with me because I did not grieve the way others do or how the main stream expects us to. Being a part of this group has helped me. I truly hope it helps you. Feel free to read others peoples experiences and share whenever needed. Please remember everyone grieves differently and dealing with the loss of a loved one to suicide is overwhelming. I believe there is no “right” way to grieve just your way.

  2. Thank you for sharing this. It affected me and helped me to read your story. I lost my brother too though he was older. I have a good therapist who has helped me. If you can find someone professional to talk to that might be helpful for you too. Thank you again and sending healing thoughts to you.

  3. Thank you for sharing, your words really touched me and made me feel like I am not entirely alone. I lost my little brother who was 11 years old to suicide by hanging two months ago, and I am only 19 myself. These last two months have been absolute hell, and I see no way of ever living a happy life ever again. However, you made me realize that I don’t have to grief on my own, and so I thank you.

    1. I will occasionally look back on this post and i just noticed your reply. I am sorry to hear your brother also passed at an even younger age than mine. All i can say is, wow. Such tragedies happen, but why to the siblings, parents? Why so young? These are questions I cannot wrap my mind around. This website made me feel like i am not alone. Hearing your story made me feel better because I know someone out there is experiencing what I am (to our unique version), and that makes me feel better, in a way. I wish you the best

  4. Thank you for sharing this.. I also lost my older sister in the same way when I was 15 when she had just graduated highschool. Now I am graduating and wondering how to make sense of everything and carry it with me. If you read these comments, please know nothing has to make sense and you’ve helped me to realise I’m not alone.

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