I Still Miss You

It was forty years ago today that my brother left me and my family. I can’t believe where the years went. I went to his grave today, like I do every year, and brought a lawn chair and smoked one of his pipes and talked to him like I always do. He would have been 68 this year and I think of all the things we missed doing together. My brother Jimmy was an old soul, he was 28, had a handle bar mustache, smoked a pipe and could talk to you about any subject, I think that’s what I miss the most, our talks. I was 17 and we would talk about everything, sports, history, science, girls, everything a older brother passes on to a little brother. And when he was gone there was a hole. So forty years later I still go to the cemetery and talk to my big brother and tell him that I still miss him and love him and hope that he’s looking down smoking a nice Peterson and petting our dog Tushie, and making sure I live a good life and being a good mentor like he was to me.

2 thoughts on “I Still Miss You

  1. Forty years on I feel I will be doing the same as you. Missing my brother forever. I can’t imagine that so many years will pass and he won’t be here. I am very sorry for your loss

  2. Such a beautiful post man. It’s a certain type of loss when you lose someone you look up to. I think he probably taught you a lot that made you the man you are today. I think he’d be proud.

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