I miss you

It’s been a little over a month since you made the very poor drug induced decision that you’d be better off dead and I don’t think I’ll go a single day without thinking of you for the rest of my life. You were only 19 you didn’t need to feel like such a failure you were still young and had so much life a head of you. You had drug addictions but you also had family here to help you why did you have to seek help in those shitty friends of yours and most of all the biggest question in my head and confusion still to this day is WHY DID YOUR FRIENDS LET YOU SLEEP. Why didn’t they just take you to the hospital or call the cops when you told them you had taken a weeks worth of dad’s prescription pills. I’m leaving this “what if” and “if only” road and finally just trying to live with the fact that there’s nothing I can do now and you’re gone. I will miss you forever brother. I didn’t even recognize that sweet face at your funeral. nobody there did. you were just an empty shell of what you once were but I will remember you always as my little brother that loved his family and would kill for us. this is the worst pain of my life. I love and miss you Josh.

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