I lost my brother 04-03-2020 Franklin (Randy)

I would like to share my story with everyone about my brother Franklin  (Randy) . On March 23 2020 I received a phone call from my brother’s girlfriend telling me that my brother was missing since 12:30 PM that day I never thought that he would leave and stay gone I had figured that he might have gotten mad about something and just let for a couple days and he would be back. We made post and shared them on Facebook and Twitter, and Instagram people from all over the country shared our posts and prayers. On Friday April 04 2020 I took off a day for vacation and decided that I was going to take my 81 year old father for a ride through the Mountains of Augusta County Virginia. Before we left a cousin sent me a Facebook message telling me that the Police and the Rescue Squad had been good up and down the Mountain all morning long so I had got to my father’s place and helped him get ready to take a ride. The first place that we went to was the place that I received the message about as I started and made the turn there was a sherriff ‘s car at the mountain road we stopped and the sheriff’s deputie told us that we could not go to far my response was that we were looking for my brother,so I was asked to steal out of the vehicle and talk out my drivers license. After taking my license and getting in his car my license was returned to me in I was told that the sheriff would like to speak with me up the road and would not tell me anything until I get to the sheriff after speaking with him it was my brother and he had been dead for 24 hours. Some times I blame myself for not going up there the Saturday before that but he might not have been there then I am still numb and feel angry and sad but I will learn to deal with everything and would like to speak with a group of people and tell them how it feels to loose a loved one to suicide

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