I feel you…

Ash….I can tell you what’s been happening but I have a feeling you see it. I’ve made mistakes but I’ve done so much good and given my all. This world is that much more tough without you. We spoke, we argued, a year passed, and the next time I saw you was at the viewing. I just wanted one more day with you and you came to me in that dream. We just sat back and talked. You’re welcomed at any time of the day or during my sleep to come back lol. The memories of you will never fade. With everything happening right now I feel you looking over me and sometimes I feel like you’re sitting right across from me. You’ve made me stronger and weaker at the same time. You’ve made me want to succeed in everything and at the same time give up. The most important thing I’ve learned from you is to cherish the moments and embrace the present. THANK YOU for being you. We are brothers throughout eternity and nothing will break that bond. We all miss you and please stay close to me. I need you everyday. I know I’m not the only one that loves you. You saw and felt the pain we all have endured through this past year. See you again one day. I love you.

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