Hey Bubba…

Oh.. Wow. How long has it been? 3 1/2 years?! Oh geez.

Tyler, I miss you so much.. February 15, 2012, YOU LEFT ME.. You left me alone. You were my big brother. You were my hero. I wanted to be as cool and tall and happy as you. I was jealous at all the friends you had. I loved and LOVE you so much.

I will always remember these three days: January 31, my birthday, you came into my room, pinned me on my bed and tickled me wishing me a happy birthday. You drew a mask on my face writing silly words like dumb and ugly and stupid. I accidentally kicked you in your nuts and you ran out and punched a hole in the wall (which is still there). Mom called 20 seconds after you left and you freaked. You picked me up dragging me into the bathroom and scrubbed my face with a washrag trying to get the sharpie off. My face was bright red from all the scrubbing when it was finally off.

The next day I will always remember is February 14, Valentine’s Day! :'( I hate Valentine’s Day… You asked mom to drive us to Target so you could run in and get some “gum”. When you came out you had a pretty pink bag with a card and a CD by the Script. That was one of the very few birthday presents you got me. It meant so much to me that I cried. That night we had youth group and we played Valentine’s themed games. You asked out your crush later that night and she rejected you. You didn’t tell me but I could tell something was up on the way home from youth group. I didn’t ask because I knew you would eventually tell me. Guess I was wrong…

February 15 started out as a normal day. Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school, yadda yadda. But, I had to stay after school to finish a project for my StageCrafting class. I got a call at about 5 p.m. from Mom asking me where I was and why I wasn’t home. I explained to her that I was still at school and was almost done with my project. She sounded shaky and scared. I said OK, I’ll be home in 15. (I was in 8th grade, BTW and he was a Sophomore in High School). Completely oblivious to what was occurring at home, I skipped all the way home being happy-go-lucky and smiley because I finally finished that project. I turned the corner and saw red and blue flashing lights. The rest is a blur.

I’m an only child now… It sucks. I don’t have anyone to play catch with. I don’t have anyone I can rely on to always be there for me. Why did you have to leave me? Why did you have to take my best friend away? I will see you later in Heaven. <3 <3 <3

I miss you so much.



(Sorry for the narrative… Just needed to rant a little bit…)

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