3 years after you’ve left us but yet it still does not feel real. None of it does. I have dreams of you at night, where your back from the dead. My heart races as it feels so real. I have a sense of yearning and joy like I have never experienced in my life at the thought of having a second chance with you brother. A second chance to be there for you like you have always been for me, and I make a promise to never leave your side again. Then I wake up to this painfully excruciating reality that it was all a dream. That you are really gone. Out of my reach. I find myself bitter looking at my friends and their brothers, knowing that should have been you and me making those memories. I still have not found a way to cope with our loss. Yet in the exterior I have managed to keep up a great facade. I miss you more than you could’ve ever imagined.

One thought on “Grief

  1. Charlene my sister, I miss u so much. I know it will be 1yr on November 16th. It seem like yesterday since u took your life. We were so close. I feel so lost and empty without u. You broke my heart sis. I wish I didn’t see it, cause I blame myself that I could of saved u. I love u sis. May u RIP.

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