Feeling helpless

My brother took his life 6 years ago. He was a lost, lonely soul who suffered depression since he was a small child. I often think of him although I’m not sad for him. I’m happy he finally built up the courage to do it. Then I feel awful for thinking that, but there was no other option for him. I know he is at peace now but the feeling that I couldn’t help him stays with me. How do u move on? I always think about how lonely he was. I mean – he didn’t have one friend. How sad and lonely must that have been. I always think about the last night – how he must have felt. He jumped off a bridge at 5 am. How do I move on??

3 thoughts on “Feeling helpless

  1. My brother killed himself and was a very angry child as well. I too often think he is finally where he wanted to be and is resting easy. However, I have so many unanswered questions that only he can answer. I just stay positive and remember that one day when we meet again I will have my answers. Until then, just know he is no longer suffering.

  2. My brother committed suicide as well although it’s feeling disrespectful to say he did that, because he was a fun happy guy, the evil negative thoughts got to him. the overall illness of depression, the chemical imbalance. No one wants to feel worthless and those thoughts are not of the healthy person we knew. I’m glad he isn’t suffering anymore either but ill most definitely have a hard time never having those moments with him again. Glad he is at peace nobody deserves to feel that pain. I’m so sorry for all your losses…in heaven we meet again.

  3. My sister took her life 6 years ago as well. Although to other people that seems like ages ago, to me, I can’t think of her without getting pains in my chest. It is so hard to move on, but they would have wanted us too. I don’t know how to move on, but I do know that we have to keep fighting through life thinking of and making them proud, because they would have wanted that for us. I’m so sorry for your loss.

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