Dear Nicolas. (SiblingSurvivors Letters)

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Dear Nicolas.
I feel kind of silly, writing a letter to you on some random website I found. But, I just don’t know where else to go. I’ve tried everything, even seeing a medium to try to talk to you. I miss you, so much. It never gets easier baby brother. Im still so proud of you, all you did in the Navy. Your friends miss you. We miss you. You were so young, you had so much more ahead of you that we couldn’t wait to see. But I guess life just got to be too much.
I wish you would have came to me, or our brother and sister. None of us would ever have judged you. We would have done anything for you. Nothing can measure the void you left in our hearts. It’s so easy to pretend youre still on base and you’ll be home for Christmas. But you won’t be. Why can’t I accept that? I wish I could have done more to help you, Nicky. I feel so much guilt and sorrow. Everyday I cry for you. Can you hear me when I talk to you?
It was us four forever. We’ve been through so much together, and now it’s just us three and nothing feels right anymore. I miss you. I can never say it enough. I hope that you’re okay now, that your with Mom. We love you Nicky. No matter what, for always. We love you to the moon and back baby brother. You’re always with us. ♡

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