Dear Jessica

Hey Jess,
It’s Thanksgiving today. Me mom dad and Nonna are going to Zia’s like we usually do. Last year we had Thanksgiving at our house. Remember Peter brought his motorcycle over to show us? You were happy that day. I loved your happy days. It felt like I had you back on your good days.
Today is hard. Really hard. Part of me keeps going through the list of things I am thankful far and part of me doesn’t want to do this without you.
I am forever thankful I had you. I will always be so grateful to God that I was blessed to have you as a sister. You loved me so much. I loved you with all of who I was. Many don’t ever experience that. So I am grateful that I did, that you showed me what the lovely a sister feels like.
My little sister.
It was my job to protect you. So many times I feel like I failed you as a big sister.
But you had demons that even I couldn’t fight.
It’ll be 5 months tomorrow.
Tell Vavo and Laura I say hi. We miss them too. So much.
It hurts so bad Jess.
I love you Jechi,

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