Brother I miss you

My brother left us on 11/29/17, he was 45, was living with MS and must have felt it was too hard to handle. He was like my son, he looked up to me, although I have no regret because I made sure he knew how much I loved him, I am completely heartbroken beyond repair. I see him everywhere. He left behind twin boys (18 yrs) the only consolation is that we have his boys and will take care of them. They are devastated. The morning he took his life he argued with our mom and a while later he killed himself. He left our mother with a lot of guilt and I know it was not her fault. She’s been an amazing mother and did not deserve this. She is suffering beyond belief. I can only hope that with our faith we can get past this and start repairing our hearts! Our life will never be the same. I am holding on to hope that there will be happiness someday again for our loving family.

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