6 yr anniversary

It’s been 6 yrs now that I loss my brother, my only sibling. Two days became 6 yrs, the one day when he went missing and I believe died and 3 days later, his body recovered. He was found in a lake. I keep visualizing in my mind, you walked into the water and let yourself drown. I saw my brother two days before,he seemed fine. It was the last time I would see my brother alive.I wished my brother knew how much I loved him and that I miss him and that I will be lonely forever without him. His pain ended the day he died, my pain is now forever.

2 thoughts on “6 yr anniversary

  1. My brother’s 3 year anniversary is coming up. This weekend 3 years ago was the last time I saw him. (Ugg crying as I type this). He seemed fine too. 2 weeks later he shot himself. I too wish he knew how much I loved him, how much his nephew loved him and how much I miss him….so, so much. I hate anniversaries. And yes, I feel your pain too. They ended theirs but ours will be forever. Forever a broken heart. He was my only sibling as well. Now I’m so lonely without him. It was to be us doing our older years together. Leaning on each other for support…..now nothing.

  2. Sorry for your losses and pain. It’s been 3+ years since I lost my brother. It always hurts and I feel like people want me to forget but I won’t. I miss him and will as long as I live. 😪💔❤

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