6 Days After Turning 49

I just lost my younger brother to suicide on December 27, 2023. He had just turned 49 on December 21st. He is the baby of the family out of all 4 of us siblings and I am only a year and a half older than him. We were very close throughout most of our lives. I was his only sister and tried to always be there for him. I am a wreck. My heart physically hurts and the guilt is overwhelming. I am still numb. I’m having trouble sleeping and eating.
He was diagnosed bipolar and fighting mental illness for a long time. I’m struggling to wrap my head around him being gone.
I have never felt this kind of sorrow.
Love you always my little Brother.

One thought on “6 Days After Turning 49

  1. I am so sorry you are going through this. It’s extremely difficult and hurts more than some can ever understand or even imagine. I lost my brother 25 years ago in December as well… one thing I can say is with time, the pain, the guilt, the questions, etc.. it does get easier to live with. My heart is with you.

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