4 Months Without You

It has been four months since you took your life. How does it feel like just yesterday? How have I even made it through these past months? I feel so alone, like you abandoned me here on this cruel earth. Most days I don’t register what has happened, but that must be my minds way of keeping me safe. When will I understand that you are actually gone forever? When will I FEEL that you are actually gone?
None of my friends know what to say so they say nothing to me. No one knows what to say. Which in turn makes me feel even more alone.
Your suicide has consumed my mind. I miss you so much… it’s unbearable.
Your sister

2 thoughts on “4 Months Without You

  1. ❤ sorry! I can relate. People don’t know what to say. Keep reaching for understanding and support. ?

  2. ❤️ Hang in there. The same day I lost my little sister. My post is the preceding one. The pain ebbs and flows Hope you can stay strong. I know first hand that losing a sibling is the worst. You’ll feel it and hate it . It’s a journey no one else can ever relate to. Forever missed but never forgotten. Stay strong and live life to the fullest.

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