3 Months but Who’s counting…. (SiblingsSurvivors Guest Post)

Hi Serg, we are now at 3 Months without you.. The only thing that has changed is the time. Is it really true that time heals a broken heart?? If so, why are we still broken? The truth is we will always be broken. Your boys are doing bad, your youngest wants to stay in bed all day everyday and mentions that he hates his life, your eldest is trying really hard to move on. They were over at moms this weekend and watched all the home videos you took of all of us as they grew up year after year.. My mom is devastated, not one day goes by without crying for you and blaming herself for you leaving us. Our dad is trying to live and help our mom each day. Me, well I am trying to fix, heal, help, comfort everyone.. I just paid off your car and we are keeping it to remember you, we know how much you loved your car. Not a day will go by that I stop asking WHY WHY WHY??? We loved you, we helped you, we were there for you unconditionally, we had your back in good times and bad WHY did you do this to us WHY mom & dad did not deserve to live the rest of their retired life with this unbearable pain WHY??? But no matter what, I meant what I told you that I will always protect you so how dare I question you or even get mad at you Sergio.. I will love you and miss you all my life and I will promise to make it somehow less painfull for our parents, your kids and all our family that loved you. I hold on to my faith that we will eventually be together again and that I will be able to hold you & kiss you any time I want to (: I love you my angel. Your sis

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