2 siblings gone

There was four of us. My brother Jamie the oldest, then me, followed by my sister Mandie and last but not least the baby Tomi Ann. July 15th 2014 Jamie drove to the top of the mountains and ran a hose from the tail pipe of his pickup and ended his life leaving behind 3 beautiful girls ages 20 and twins 15. My world was turned upside down that day. Hard to imagine anything in life could be that bad. Fast forward to July 26th 2017 my baby sister Tomi Ann pulled her truck into her garage and did the same thing. Leaving behind 4 kids 20, 8 and twin 2 year olds. WHY? How do Mandi and I deal with this again? How do these beautiful nieces and nephews go through life without their parent? I talk to Mandie often on the phone she lives in Alaska and me in Colorado so we rarely see each other. We find o
Ourselves crying our eyes out to each other. Hoping to find some sort of relief from this horrible pain.

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