My heart is broken… my mind racing to memories and searching for explanations to questions that have no answers. Less then 36 hours ago my little brother took his own life. Nothing seems real and I feel as if a piece of me has drifted away from this earth with him. He is only 26… he had his whole life ahead of him…

2 thoughts on “12.22.18

  1. I lost my little brother, aged 22, in August 2017. And my world is shattered.
    I hope you have a good sippprt network to help you through this tragedy.
    No time is a good time but would be especially horrendous so close to Christmas. Thinking of you. X

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother,my heart goes out to you and your family and obviously to your poor brother,having lost my own little brother last new years day I know how it feels,i won’t pretend to know exactly what you are feeling but i know your mind is racing with thoughts and scenarios. I’d love to say it will all be OK but it won’t for a while,just give yourself time to grieve,I wish i did.Stay strong,you are not alone

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