Like yesterday Pete (SiblingSurvivors Letters)

Hey Angel B,
My heart aches for a crazy phone call. Time heals nothing.Neither it should. I’m isolated in my own thoughts of what I should of done. So many what if’s. I’ve gone over your last words to me so many times Pete. I could of helped IF (always the if’s) I had just slowed down and really thought about what you were saying between the lines. Everything has changed Pete. Our family never recovered. I miss you my Angel B. The sun doesn’t shine as bright.

24 years later and I miss you more everyday.
Time brings us closer… that’s all time does.
Big brother of mine I miss you. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you. Forever so sorry. Xx

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  1. Bridgette says:

    I love that “time brings us closer” 🖤 i lost my beloved bro this last November 2016. 🙁

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