Like yesterday Pete (SiblingSurvivors Letters)

Hey Angel B,
My heart aches for a crazy phone call. Time heals nothing.Neither it should. I’m isolated in my own thoughts of what I should of done. So many what if’s. I’ve gone over your last words to me so many times Pete. I could of helped IF (always the if’s) I had just slowed down and really thought about what you were saying between the lines. Everything has changed Pete. Our family never recovered. I miss you my Angel B. The sun doesn’t shine as bright.

24 years later and I miss you more everyday.
Time brings us closer… that’s all time does.
Big brother of mine I miss you. I’m so sorry I wasn’t there for you. Forever so sorry. Xx

2 thoughts on “Like yesterday Pete (SiblingSurvivors Letters)

  1. My brother took his life many, many years ago and I still miss him, I came to this site because I was missing him and needed someone to talk to and tell them about him. You’re right, it never goes way, it’s like some part of you is not there. I’ll be putting up the Christmas tree and I’ll say “that’s Jimmy ornament ” or fishing and think Jimmy taught me that. So even after all these years he’s part of my life. And now it’s our burden to miss them and our job to not let their memory go away.
    So, thanks to everyone who was nice enough to give me advice when I first came on this site and I hope you find some relief and ease some of your sorrow. Peace to all of us.

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