You took those years from me

Dear James, Hey big brother. Words have nevee been able to express the feelings your loss has brought. In some ways it destroyed me and in other ways it made me stronger. On June 12, 2005 I left my phone in the other room and they had to come banging on gwens door to find me to tell me the new, i will never forget that moment, how my heart dropped. I also cant sleep with out my phone next to me now in fear that something bad will happen and i will be too late. I had sent you a message that night saying “i love you jimmy pop” i dont even know if you ever got it. I have always hoped you did not cause thinking you saw it and still followed through would only destroy me more. June 13th is my birthday that year i spent it with loved ones and friends but not doing something fun, we made arraingments for your cremation, not how i planned at all. Almost 11 years have passed and you took those years from me. I pray you see the woman i have become, i pray you are proud of me, i pray you and mom are together. I love you jimmy pop

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  1. I hope you don’t mind but i couldn’t help but comment. My older brother left us on the night of Dec. 3 and my birthday is Dec. 4. I have always held a heavy heart and it felt so alone until I read your letter. I never comment on anything but I had to thank you for sharing.

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