To my lovely sister

Hey Sis,
I miss you so much, you had this beautiful graceful personality that I rarely see in the world anymore. It’s almost been four months. There’s so much you never got to tell me. Sometimes you appear in my dreams, you’re happy and smiling, watching over me as I lay in bed. We don’t talk but it’s ok. It’s really comforting until I wake up and then it’s sad again.. but you’re not hurting anymore.
I stopped wondering what happened the day you left us, because I almost started to understand why you felt there was no other option. Needless to say I saw several psych professionals a lot this summer. I’m ok.
I celebrated our birthdays last month, yours is actually on world suicide awareness day. I sometimes wonder if you did that on purpose. My then-boyfriend also proposed and I and wish you could have met him, and the kids we may have some day, and given me life advice.
I’m sorry I didn’t realize how much I needed you in my life until you were gone. You will be missed by so many family members.
Please shine your light on us,
Youngest sister, A.

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