To Hunter

So I know this website is based around siblings, which you and I are not. But I consider my girlfriend’s family, my family. You were her brother.
You’ve been gone for over 8 months now. And man, nothing is the same without you Hunter. Absolutely nothing. God, everything has been such a blur since then. Nothing feels real. I remember the night my girlfriend got that call, she had just picked me up from work and we were getting ready to watch a show and have some dinner. Things were going well… but that call, that DAY, changed everything. Hunter I wish I made more of an effort to get to know you like I did your twin brother. You and him had a unique chemistry, it hurts so bad that you are gone now. I still remember seeing you around your house. But every single day I regret the fact that you and I were almost strangers when you died. It eats away at me. Getting to know your twin brother has been awesome throughout the months, but I just wish you were here too. We all do. My girlfriend is torn without you. Your brother is too. It’s just so awful Hunter… I wish you knew how much your friends and family love and care about you. I truly hope you are at peace. You deserve peace Hunter. I’m sorry you couldn’t find peace in this world… and I’m sorry I was a stranger when you needed a friend. I know you would have been a good friend. Rest easy Hunter. I hope to see you again some day.

One thought on “To Hunter

  1. I am so sorry for the loss of Hunter. I understand the feeling of guilt but you mustn’t let it eat away at you. Hunter wouldn’t have wanted that. I lost my dear brother 15 weeks ago so I’m only too aware of what losing somebody too suicide does to you. I hope you and your families find peace and strength to get through this awful time.

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