To Angela an Angel always

Dear Angela,
God it’s hard since 3 years ago you decided you no longer wanted to be here with me to speak your name without realizing “you are really gone.” I often find myself waking up in the middle of the night wanting to pick up the phone to just hear you or dads voice whether it’s laughing or you making those crazy cat noises resembling Bubbles or Binkie…I guess I will never make those long hour drives from Beaufort to Atlanta to see you and dads face light up when I am in town, we’ll maybe not dads but yours. I keep remembering the time we had lunch together after dad died at your favorite Chinese restaurant The Panda. We had so much fun because we really bonded and talked as sisters and even though I was married for that moment I pretended that I wasn’t and we were young teenagers just leaving the nail shop after getting our nails done or that we just left the kingdom hall and talked about Jehovah God all day. I loved how you use to encourage me to keep studying gods word and to work toward baptism. I was so proud when u got baptized and gave your life to Jehovah though I loved the old Anne that could dance her butt off to MC Hammer songs and always carried a beautiful note singing “Im missing You Baby” by Anita Baker. You know Trina your best friend that lived around the corner from us still have the videos I taped of you dancing and singing. You could or should have been a star because you were a triple threat in everything you did. Even though I was older than u you acted more mature than me. You always knew how to make me laugh and make me cry at the same time. The memories we had as sisters was beautiful because I watched you grow into an independent beautiful black women that along with me carried much weight of our disruptive household but we still managed to make the best of it. You was my rock and u kept me sane when I felt the pressure of no friends, a father that loved me but taunted me for my mistakes and a oldest sister I wanted to be like in every way that wanted me dead than alive. I guest I really latched o to you because no one else liked me or deemed me worthy as a human being. Being picked on a lot growing up u always had my back even though I didn’t always have yours I really tried to make up for not being there after mom died. I ran away and I know that hurt and confused you because when I came back I wasn’t your sister anymore I was someone different that been in the streets and u wanted your sister back but the damage was already done. I really miss you sis and there’s so much I wish I could have said and we could have talked about but I guess I was late and wasn’t there for you at the time you needed me the most and I’m sorry for that. I know I will see you soon and me you and the whole family will be together again this time on a paradise earth Jehovah promised those who love him where we will never die, never say “I am sick, never cry or hurt anymore or feel fear or unhappy because the former things will have been just a memory. I love you and I think about you everyday. I promise you we will be together again as a family.

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