The Worst Night of My Life

It was an average day until around 12:00am, when policemen came knocking on our door, telling my Mom that a boy was found unconsciously lying on the ground floor of the apartment building and that they believed it was her son. They rushed us to the hospital, and that was it, it was my 2nd eldest brother; her son. Confirmed dead. Tears started flowing from my Mom’s and my little brother’s eye. I looked at my eldest brother who was trying to hold in his tears. My Mom tried a couple times to call my Dad who was on a business trip in Boston, but she couldn’t dial due to her hands shivering which was out of her control. My eldest brother helped her to call my Dad. My Dad picked up the phone and my Mom just started crying even harder, telling him to come home immediately and that their beloved son is now dead. It was the first time I felt so helpless, it felt like all the happiness in the world was gone. I wish 6/23 never existed in 2016.


One thought on “The Worst Night of My Life

  1. ??

    How are you and your other siblings coping right now?
    What did your dad say?

    Did anyone maybe suspect/see this coming?
    Was he depressed?

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