The day she left 07/03/2017

To my beloved sister Lebo
To you i have lost a sister, a friend, an aunt to my children.. to mom she has lost a daughter. I know things where tough but thank for holding on until your last breath.
I will miss your gap when you smiles, your dimples when you laughed. Sorry for failing you, sorry for not responding as quick as you needed me to, thus is because i thought all was well with your soul.
You showed me all the signs but i still failed you. Thank you for all the smiles, laughs and tears that we shared as sisters. I will miss someone that i will talk to now because you my friend, my sister you are gone
I will always miss that some one that will tell me my hair is not comb,i will miss the fashionista in you.. i will miss someone to share clothes with. From you i will miss a lot.i never thought we will say our goodbyes so soon.
Everytime i look at my daughter i will always remember how you loved her. How you used to care for her everyday. What is sad now is that know now i have to answer her when she says “mama mamani okay?”.. i will tell her that you are now an angel watching over her.
Sorry for failing you again,, sorry i was too late to help you. You and i know we tried our best..but all these is God way and will.
Alone without a cause.Alone with no life.Trying to kill her spirit. That is beginning to die inside. Alone in her Hell. Alone in her abyss. Attempting to end her being as it pours from her wrists. Alone without a chance. Alone with no hope. Watching the stained blade as she frees her soul. Alone in the air. Alone as she drifts.Slicing so she can escape the nightmare’s images. Alone with no will. Alone with no dreams.Suicide killing her thoughts, silencing her heart’s beats.
I know I’m not alone. Let’s take a stand, let’s fight it together, let’s support each other instead of being alone let’s not go with out a fight, let’s not just become just another suicide statistic, let’s fight it together we can survive, we can take a stand. We can win this battle.
Robala ka kgotso ngwana mama, robala ka kgotso tla go gopola ge le hlaba le ge le dikela. Re go ratile ebile re sa go rata.

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