Since you been gone

Oh my dear sweet little brother,since you been gone social media is so popular,so many things have changed since you been gone,everyone told me it would get easier,I’d like to know when,since you been gone,every year on your birthday is so hard for me,all I can think about is how you & I will be same age from 10.15 to 11.15,if you think about it your the only male that’s played such a role in my life as long as you have,you were there the first time I received a bad grade in school,you were there the first time I had my heart broken,you were there when I found & married my true love,you were there when I had my one & only child,since you been gone I will be a grandma for the 1st time,I just wish I could’ve stopped you that day you decided to take your life,how did I not know you were in such a dark place,we were always so close,I know we came from a large family,reason you & I were so close is because we felt like we were twins,after all only 11 months apart,I love you & miss you so much,happy 55th birthday little brother I love you,good bye for now I know we’ll meet again. With all my love sister Linda

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  1. My brother just committed suicide last night is so hard I found out this morning and all I remember is us growing up before all this technology and how we would spend time…

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