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okay so almost 3 years my big brother committed suicide and he was only 21 at the time. And lately its been rough for me because i have been missing him and my other big brother who lives in alaska and he is thinking about suicide and i just don’t know how to take it all in and i would really like to talk to someone about it but when it comes to stuff like i become very shy and i just don’t trust people with my feelings. i wish someone know what i was going through.

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  1. I know how you’re feeling, after my brother Jimmy committed suicide I never talked about it for 38 years. It was a time when you didn’t talk about suicides. When people asked how he died, me and my family members would say “in an accident”. It wasn’t until I found this site, that I told people I didn’t know about my brother. And I got some great advice from some very nice people, one man who had lost his son said “find one person who you trust and sit down and tell them about your brother and what a great guy he was and how much you miss him”. I thought all those years I was protecting my brother’s secret but what I was doing was denying his existence. Our brothers were here, they lived, they loved us, they made us laugh, they made us mad, they were part of us. That took me 38 years to figure out on the advice of someone else who was in pain but was kind enough to help a stranger. Now I talk about Jimmy all the time when ever someone asks or I remember something stupid we would do. So find that someone you can talk to and you’ll be surprised how open and helpful people are. Good luck with everything and I hope you find peace in you life.

  2. It’s a small world . I had been living in Alaska for the last 6 years , and 5 months ago my little sister hung herself ,I can honestly say that suicide has crossed my mind many times . I am so sorry for your losses by the way. To loose people with love , and by their own hand is a sad thing ,it keeps me awake at night . I hope your older brother doesn’t loose hope , everyday I try to look forward to something . Is there anybody that can help you , get him help ? I don’t know your or his circumstances but having the right support is key . I have no idea how I am gonna get through this , even when it’s so fresh . I guess I have some kind of hope . I hope that you and your brother find hope . Take it easy with yourself , my older sister always tells me to be gentle with myself . I advise you the same .

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