This Too Shall Pass

It will hit you like the highest level of hurricane. Only time, God and talking about it will mend your heart. I went through it twice and I am still standing. I am sorry you have to go through all the pain and the mess. I am thinking about you, praying for you, I am holding your hand.
love Sofia

4 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass

  1. I just found this site.
    I’m. Hoping it helps me to understand the pain I’m feeling.
    She passed on july 2nd one month before her 27th birthday. I’m so broken i dont know what to do honestly. Is anyone out there?

    1. Hi Molly, My brother took his life in Feb. I am slowly rebuilding myself from nothing. I felt like I was stripped bare. I’m a very different person now. Just when I feel like I’m doing ok, out of nowhere I feel like I’ve been kicked in the stomach. I’m letting myself grieve, allowing myself time. It took me 4 months to come out of the fog enough to start making good decisions for my own wellbeing. Hang in there, talk about your sister, how your feeling.

    2. Hi Molly,
      I am sorry for your loss. Those are just empty words though right? Everything is empty and dark, and every morning you wake up hoping it was just a bad dream. My brother Ryan, my beloved angel, was 2 weeks shy of 22 when he took his own life on Oct.2/2017. I have also suffered from depression and have been in that dark place. What made him tighten that belt around his neck we will never know, there was no note, just the obvious truth that his pain was too much to bear. It hasn’t even been a month yet, and I will never go back to “normal” but I encourage you to try finding a new normal, don’t lose her memory, focus on the good and remember we cannot blame ourselves for the choices of others; no matter how close they are to our hearts. In that moment between life and death, I assume they thought of nothing but escaping the pain they could no longer take. They are free now. We will see them again someday and until then they would want us to live happily and fully. I hope you are doing better now that some time has past.
      God bless

  2. I went through it twice as well. I can’t say that it has passed yet (after 30 years) but I’m working on it. I’ll keep my head up if you promise to do the same.

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