My youngest brother hung himself after his wife left him… He came to stay with us to get back on his feet … he hung himself in our barn on my birthday ! It’s been almost 7 months and it doesn’t get any easier! I feel guilty that I didn’t really think he would do this, that I let him down, that I didn’t see the signs and most of all I let my parents and other brother down! My husband found him… he uses that against me now!! I can not repay that debt!! I’m so so sad and sometimes I am emotionless! Stunned
No one can help… he is gone

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  1. Honestly you can’t feel guilty for anything! Sometimes the signs really won’t show unless they say something. The strongest of people take there lives and we will never understand why they couldn’t open up and tell us. But they couldn’t because its who they are. They wouldn’t want to bring anyone down or for anyone to feel anymore guilt for knowing and still not being able to help them. I lost my younger brother too 2 months ago and I feel the exact same. He was only 19 and had a bad break up. I even talked to him hours before he did it and he didn’t tell me a thing

  2. The pain never go’s. Neither does the blame. I’m 22 years into this nightmare… this abyss of wondering what went wrong. I’ve often hoped he was just needed somewhere else more than what I needed him here but the pain doesn’t stop. You just become more emotionless to it. Until that one song or thought takes you back and you’d give anything to have that one last moment of hope that you could be with them and tell them how much they mean to you and how dependent you are on them. Life’s so cruel but life does go on… sadly it goes on without them but I’m hoping one day I’ll get my time to kick his ass and say you didn’t need to go xxx

  3. I completely understand. My little brother passed June 2nd and I feel the same way. Im his big sister I was supposed to protect him.

  4. Hello
    I just lost my youngest brother to suicide 4 days ago. He hung himself in his home after he discovered that his wife was having an affair with one of his best friends. I don’t know what to do, even though I realistically know, there’s nothing I can do. I am so sad but I’m having a hard time showing emotion.

  5. My names Josh and my big brother hung himself on his sons 5th B-day 1 week ago. My mum is in pieces and she keeps saying she can’t go on someone Please help anybody help me!!!!

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