Older brother Dan

My brother Dan was always someone who would make you laugh and smile with his dry witty humor. He was a two time brain tumor survivor and I was always amazed at how brave he was going through chemo and surgeries. My father started off very mentally abusive to me, my mother and then to my brother which had escalated one day I came home to a police officer telling me my father stabbed my brother which my brother had survived. My father and mother then got a divorce. I was relieved to find my father to never come back to hurt us again. Life seemed good. 8 months later My brother was suffering from depression because he felt hopeless in life. He believed brain surgeries left him to be handicapped and slow forever and also was sad at age of 31 did not have a wife and children and as independent he imagined he would have been by now. Me and my mother work 3rd shift as nurses. My mother unfortunately arrived home first as I could hear yelling inside the house thinking my brother and her were arguing but for me to walk into our living room to see a ladder and a rope hanging from banister with my lifeless brother body with her weeping next to him holding him. Aug. 26 2016 was when the worst day of my life and the last day I would ever see my brother again. The day of his death, and the two following days a black butterfly would always follow me. I research online what it could mean and I believed it was my brother saying his last goodbyes to me before his spirit crossed over. To my brother Dan I love you everyday and I hope you are chillin and laughing in heaven and for one day for us to be together again. Love you forever

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