My beautiful Brother (SiblingSurvivors Letters)

Subject: My beautiful Brother

Did not see that coming. Still can’t believe it. Feels like a nightmare. I get angry at you for leaving me and Ed at a time like this when we were bonded in sorting out the situation. I feel physically sick sometimes when the reality hits me and I am unsure at times if I will survive this. You left too soon and broke many many hearts. You are so loved and I’m sorry I wasn’t their to talk you through the darkness and pain you must have felt. You have a beautiful soul and a big heart and that is how you will be remembered. I will miss your crazy ways and how you would bring a room full of people alive with your laughter and humour, I miss you so much. Love always Debbie …….your wee sister xxxxx

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  1. I can only imagine he is with our family and friends who have gone before. Truly believe they are in a better place. Still cry almost everyday. My brother died May 6 2016.

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