Missing you brother

Today May 28,4 yrs ago you left us without a goodbye.I keep replaying in my mind the last time I saw you one day prior.You seemed fine,though that wasn’t so.And did you know when you drove away the next day,you’d never come home again.And our lives would be shattered.My brother,your pain has ended,but ours have begun 4 yrs ago and to this day and FOREVER.It’s been 4 yrs now and I’m still in denial,even as I write this I cannot acknowledge that this is what happened.I go to the lake often where you were found and just stare into the water,waiting for an answer.My mind can’t accept,did you walk into the lake or swam and let yourself drown,this I can’t imagine.My regret and guilt is I couldn’t save you from your troubles and for this I am sorry,I hope you can forgive me as I can’t forgive myself.If I knew I wouldn’t ever see you again,I would’ve kissed you,hugged you tight and most importantly told you I loved you.Life is not fair that you aren’t here to share our lives with you.My tears are for my love for you.I LOVE YOU FOR ETERNITY AND MISS YOU BEYOND WORDS CAN SAY.
your sister

One thought on “Missing you brother

  1. This post made me cry, as I’m sure you were doing as well when you wrote this. Our pain will be here forever more, and they will never understand. We are lucky to have loved a person so greatly that they can cause such pain.

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