I still miss you daily. (SiblingSurvivors Letters)

Subject: I still miss you daily.

I am out of town on a business trip and came across someone who has had a sibling in the hospital where I last kissed your forehead as you lay brain dead. I hadn’t thought about it in a few weeks… I was doing great until this evening.
That same, familiar, heart-crushing pain sunk in and I find myself weeping uncontrollably again. I messaged our other sisters I loved them. I am completely unable to say anything more than that. We are like dominoes, if one is in the dark spot and the others find out- we are all there. So I saved them the agony today.
I often wonder how my sweet nephew will be as he grows. I hope he always just remembers you an angel and never feels the extent of this pain. I hope he turns out well adjusted in the end. I hope you are happy and proud of how we are handling things.
It’s been almost two years and I miss you just as intensely as I did the first day.
Truly, our of all the horrible days of my life; that was the worst. I hope the boys who followed after you are keeping you company, my sweetest angel.
I miss your laugh, your smile, your spirit; I just miss you. The worst part about losing someone is not knowing if being gone from this life means you are gone forever. I hope that is not the case and we meet again. What I would give for one more embrace and another raspy laugh.

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